Article Writing



CancerCare Manitoba's annual report summarized a year of activities, achievements and progress. I wrote articles and stories that were both heart-felt and informative. 


I was hired by Tétro Design to write newsletter-style articles prior to their team designing the report. I worked directly with CancerCare Manitoba to create a theme, gather content, and interview staff and volunteers to develop each article.

This was a chance for me to flex my journalism-muscle, which made this project so interesting to me. Speaking with the director of screening programs, the director of the provincial oncology drug program, nurses, social workers, volunteers, and patient-safety coordinators, I was able to get a deep sense of what this organization is all about. 

It was important for me to get a first-person sense of their compassion in order to express that appropriately in the articles. Reporting on cancer is a delicate matter, and I wanted to be very sensitive to this. 


 My Role

  • Theme & Content Selection
  • Interviewing
  • Article Writing
  • Editing

↓ Download Annual Report (My articles are on page 14-22 and 24-28.)