Event Organizer


In March 2010, I co-founded Winnipeg's Creative Society, otherwise known as Secret Handshake, otherwise known as my baby. 

Secret Handshake is a monthly event where the creative professionals of Winnipeg get together to share ideas, drink beer, and return home to continue tweeting @eachother as per usual.

It has a very simple concept, but through the years has been forming a close-knit community of creative entrepreneurs. We are open-minded and very supportive of each other. I believe this approach has helped our members to build viable businesses based on our creative passions.


Secret Handshake is a free event, and always will be. The membership is primarily made up of folks working in the tech industry, but there is a wide range of others who attend.

We believe creativity is a mindset, not a job title.

Designers, programmers, illustrators, writers, photographers, videographers, artists, musicians. If you consider yourself creative in some way, Secret Handshake is for you.

1,700+ members     80+ events     2 tonnes of fun

After about a year of meetups, New Media Manitoba approached me with a lovely sponsorship offer. In 2011, they began covering the Meetup fees, print costs, marketing, and the occasional leftover chunk of change going toward cool door prizes or food. Their support through the years has been huge! 

Goodwork, eh? 

Often, Secret Handshake members would say "Leanne, this event is awesome. How can I help give back?". So I tweeted an idea to do a charity design-hack-fest. The idea stuck, and turned into something huge. Check it out > 


Here's a peek at the good times

Check out our three-year bash