Marketing Committee Volunteer


I volunteered for the first ever TEDxManitoba and was in charge of all the copywriting and content strategy. 


For about eight months I worked as a member of the TEDxManitoba Marketing committee. I created a content plan and all copywriting to help spread the word about the event. This was a very fun project, and I became obsessed with the brand guidelines and getting the TED voice perfect.

I poured countless hours into carefully communicating everything about TEDx to attract speakers, sponsors, attendees, and viewers of the live stream. I blogged, I wrote speaker bios, I wrote philosophical rants about our theme, emergence. I explained the difference between TED and TEDx, and managed the delicate topic of "why only 100 people get to attend". 

It was a fun challenge that led to a few great opportunities and friendships. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.48.51 PM.png

My Role

  • Content Strategy
  • Blogging
  • Biography Writing
  • Concept Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting

Photo and video by At First Sight